BayernPaint 800

Entry Deadline: May 1st, 2018

Late entry available. Late entry fee mandatory!

The entries will only be processed if following items are enclosed:
  - Completely completed current BayernPaint Horse Show 2018 entry form,
  - APHA classes:
  - - - - For the Horse: Copy of the APHA Certificate of Registration
  - - - - For owners and exhibitors: Copy of the APHA membership card and / or Amateur / Novice Amateur Card, AjPHA membership card and / or AjPHA Novice Youth Card.
  - For open breed only the current entry form is required.
   - All memberships can be purchased on site for cash at the registration office (ATTENTION: membership fee plus Rush Fee !!!)

Horse Information

Please fill in all information about your horse carefully. For each horse / rider combination a form must be filled out! Indicate whether your horse is a regular or a solid, depending on that, the respective classes are displayed.

Open breed riders please only name, gender and date of birth of the horse.